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Getting More

Good Women into

B/A/D Companies

Much of the home design and construction industry has historically been heavily male. While that is changing over time (particularly in interior design), there is still plenty of room for progress. How can companies attract more talented female employees, and what benefits does this bring to the shared enterprise? What changes to company culture and thinking will make women feel more welcome, valued, and able to make their optimal contribution?

MODERATOR: Kyle Hoepner, Editor in Chief, New England Home


Catherine Truman, principal of Catherine Truman Architects in Cambridge, MA

Paula Daher, principal of Daher Interior Design in Boston

Sarah Barnat, principal of Barnat Development in Boston and

      former executive director of the Urban Land Institute’s Boston/New England District Council

Von Salmi, principal, Von Salmi and Associates in Westminster, MA, and

      board member of EM NARI and BRAGB


DATE: Wednesday, January 24th from 5:30 to 8:00 PM

 (5th Floor, Suite 548)

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